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Jayaraj V Thoppil Biography

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Jayaraj.V.Thoppil hails from God's own country and presently lives in the millennium city of India.

His debut work 'Alcohol' uncovers the unknown dimensions of every alcoholic, published by Frog Books.

Later while launching its second edition, it was renamed 'One Pint of Cheers' by Tate Publishers, USA.

Notion Books launched its third edition in India.

His recent offer to the literary world 'Bluebook of Transitory Souls', a mystery fiction, was published by

Leadstart Publishing in 2020 and continues mesmerizing readers across the globe.

Currently, he serves in the foremost automobile company in the country as a Quality control

professional. His unquenched passion for creative writing and fine art finally led him to the literary

world. He indulges in reading, sketching, music, and playing badminton most of his leisure hours.

He is married to Sumini Jayaraj, a health professional and an aspiring singer.

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