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The Mask-Gen Chronicles


Brahm reaches his hometown to drop off his parents who were visiting him and his newly wedded wife, Mary. Stuck in the small town, unable to return to his wife in NCR, Brahm persuades his close friend, Ratna, an aspiring author, to write an epic on the deadly incarnation he envisions; mainly to alleviate his boredom of the unprecedented time ahead. Mary, a virologist, decides to help.

However, as the epic progresses, it takes Ratna to a concealed crime file, which seems to point its finger right back at Brahm!

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A man shows up one day in the Land of Blue Sky. He does not remember who he is, or where he comes from. But after he shoots an innocent man in public without even a flicker of remorse, the townspeople realise there is more to this solitary man. A tale of abandonment, mystique, and a belief that could change the way you see life, 'Blue Book of Transitory Souls' recounts the story of a man with many identities, many lives, but only one belief – that we are all souls in transit.

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One Pint of Cheers, portrays the terrific realities of life beyond Chocolates, Girls, Cars and Butterflies.

A long awaited mesmerizing Journey album of the protagonist, shot across the diversified land of India and through its mystic aura with myriad strokes of colors and dreams. The novel focuses on the aspiration of X & Y generations and the evolution of a new culture and changing mindset...

- Traffic jams, just to relax life in a cab entrapped in routine chaos

-Sacred cows in Oregaon eat American vector plus blades, is quite normal

-Poetry is nothing but doltish scribblings found over the back door panel of trucks.

A detailed account of the struggles of a young man and his broken family, entrapped in a depressing trauma of alcoholism and its after-effects. It depicts tribulations of wandering minds and also touches on the plight of the youth of Devasam and Oregaon, many of who go through this struggle, devoid of dreams and a meaning in life.


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This book poignantly describes how the reality of life always contains more than what meets the eye, beyond just chocolates, cars, and butterflies. It talks of loneliness, long journeys, rapid transitions between the extremes, and the protagonist's account of the truth that hasn’t been eked out before. The book also depicts the desires of the X and Y generation and the evolution of a fresh culture and varying habits. It narrates the struggles of a young man and his family trapped in the miserable trauma of alcoholism. It portrays this suffering and also touches on the difficulty of the youth of Devasam and Oregaon, many of those who go through similar struggle – devoid of dreams and meaning in life. Discover how the novel finds a ray of hope in spite of a bleak reality.

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